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Grapefruit Cream Pie with [personal profile] shieldborne

Sandalpunk/Greek myth with [personal profile] shieldborne

Gen Texts with [personal profile] forwakanda

Gen Texts with [personal profile] shieldborne

Ask me Anything with [personal profile] the_codebreaker

Ask me Anything with [personal profile] scarlettwin

Ask me Anything with [personal profile] marie_kreutz

Chia Pets & other ramblings with [personal profile] pixiesized

Confessions: 2. I wonder how many of my friends see me as Captain America, and how many see me as Steve Rogers. And how many don't realize there's a distinction. with [personal profile] shieldborne

Confessions: 1. Some days I wonder what I would have been like if I'd had a normal life, with a family and a real chance at happiness. I wonder what kind of woman I would have become. Would she be weak? Would she be useless? Would that still be better than who I am and what I do? with [personal profile] unmakeme

Word association: Law with [personal profile] jurisdevil

Word association: History with [personal profile] themancomesaround

Word association: Erased with [personal profile] the_codebreaker

Word association: Erased with [personal profile] fissure

Word association: Erased with [personal profile] adaptate

Blanket fort (with candle s'mores) with [personal profile] shieldborne

Blanket fort with [personal profile] jurisdevil


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