Mar. 25th, 2017

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Tentatively getting back into RP after a hiatus of at least a year. May be a slow tagger due to work/rl issues, but I made this journal mostly to RP with people I already know anyway.

Temporary Caveat: Sorry to all I thread with that I've been absent, but just got married May 21st and had no reliable wifi on honeymoon. My wife did, weirdly enough, but my iPad flaked out on connecting. Playing catch up now!

I ship all directions, although I'm fond of Stucky and WinterWidow. Not big into actual sex scenes unless I know you well, prefer fade to black. Open to random non-MCU characters as well.

Open to AU, just hit me up with your ideas! Also open to playing different spots along his timeline, left open icon slots for just that purpose.

Mostly here to RP with my fiance who plays Steve, but happy to play with others, just be kind. I like comics but I have no money to keep up with them, so don't expect me to know much beyond the movieverse. Also a fan of magical fix-it where Tony gives him back his arm/makes him an arm because it is hard to do things with one arm, but willing to play him one-armed if the game asks for it.
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Grapefruit Cream Pie with [personal profile] shieldborne

Sandalpunk/Greek myth with [personal profile] shieldborne

Gen Texts with [personal profile] forwakanda

Gen Texts with [personal profile] shieldborne

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Chia Pets & other ramblings with [personal profile] pixiesized

Confessions: 2. I wonder how many of my friends see me as Captain America, and how many see me as Steve Rogers. And how many don't realize there's a distinction. with [personal profile] shieldborne

Confessions: 1. Some days I wonder what I would have been like if I'd had a normal life, with a family and a real chance at happiness. I wonder what kind of woman I would have become. Would she be weak? Would she be useless? Would that still be better than who I am and what I do? with [personal profile] unmakeme

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Blanket fort (with candle s'mores) with [personal profile] shieldborne

Blanket fort with [personal profile] jurisdevil


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